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Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations have been adopted and become enforceable upon execution of the contract by the Town of Ocean City and the Lessee. It is the Lessee’s responsibility to thoroughly read and understand each of these conditions, as they become a legal binding part of the Lessee’s executed contract.

The Lessee for the term of the agreement agrees to abide with:

  1. All federal, state and local laws, codes and ordinances.
  2. Conducting no illegal or immoral activities.
  3. Obtaining all necessary permits and licenses.
  4. Lessor having exclusive right to provide all food and beverage within the facility and on all adjacent properties owned by the Town of Ocean City. It is Lessee’s responsibility to enforce this Lessor right with all participants and patrons of Lessee’s event, including Lessee’s exhibitors, staff, agents, and employees. No food or beverage can be brought into the facility for sale or consumption.
  5. Providing comprehensive general liability insurance, including coverage for personal injury at a minimum of $1,000,000 combined single limit liability with the Mayor and City Council of Ocean City and the Maryland Stadium Authority named as additional insureds.
  6. Parking being available on a first come, first served basis. Reserved parking arrangements must be made 14 calendar days in advance of the event with all costs associated with the reserved use the responsibility of the Lessee.
  7. Leasing parking lot space in the event the Lessee is using said space for exhibition or revenue production for the Lessee, in such cases Lessee shall lease said space per Lessor’s rate schedule.
  8. Not marring or defacing any portion of the premises and will not place nails, hooks, tacks, screws, or tape into or on any surface or violation shall result in charges for repair at time of settlement.
  9. Returning the premises in same condition as received, and agrees any cleaning or repairs necessary to restore that condition will be at the expense of the Lessee.
  10. Accepting full responsibility for all persons admitted to said premises and is responsible for expenses associated with necessary staffing to protect persons and property.
  11. Assuring no signs, advertisements, show bills, posters, cards or other media will be attached to any portion of the facility, facility grounds, or adjacent areas .
  12. Not allowing any performance, display, or exhibition that is objectionable to Lessor.
  13. Capacity and occupancy ratings of the venue not to be exceeded at any time.
  14. Lessor having the sole right to all lost and found items.
  15. Lessor having the sole right to sell or give away librettos, flowers, refreshments, food, beverage, and all other merchandise.
  16. Lessor having the sole right for all media and broadcasting rights and Lessee shall not engage in any of these privileges without the written consent of the Lessor.
  17. Lessor having the right to enter any portion of the premises at any time along with the right to eject any objectionable persons.
  18. Lessor having the right to destroy or store any objects left behind at Lessee’s expense.
  19. Not bringing any flammable, combustible or explosive items of any type into the premises.
  20. Obtaining written permission from Lessor prior to any natural or synthetic fuel devices being brought into the premises.
  21. Never allowing any overnight stays for any purpose by its staff, agents, or attendees.
  22. No assignment of this lease to any other party.
  23. No exclusivity of their event within the facility and that other events may occur concurrently in areas not covered in Lessee’s agreement.
  24. All service provider contracts must be approved by the Lessor.
  25. Providing Lessor twenty admission for each day and each evening the premises are open to the public or trade.
  26. Granting Lessor access along with its agents, contractors and employees to the premises at all times with proper identification.
  27. Being responsible for all expenses and fees in effect for the duration of the contract unless Lessor can resale the unused space.
  28. Lessor providing or approving any service, staff, labor, or equipment not otherwise provided in this lease at Lessee’s expense.
  29. Lessor holding all ticket sales and proceeds in trust until the patron has received the product for which the ticket sale provides.
  30. In the event the convention center becomes uninhabitable due to natural causes, acts of God, or governmental control, this agreement can be terminated with no recourse for the Lessee.
  31. Holding the Lessor harmless and indemnifying it against all claims under the Maryland Compensation Act and any other Public Liability and/or property damage liability that may arise by reason of use by the Lessee of the leased premises.
  32. Any default in lease terms and conditions shall result in termination of the agreement and occupancy of the facility. Lessee shall still be responsible for full payment of said rental as required by condition of the lease.
  33. Providing proof of insurance a minimum of thirty calendar days in front of their event and floor plans with equipment request a minimum of 27 days in advance of their event. In the event Lessee fails to provide the information required within the limits, Lessor cannot guarantee facility will be available on the dates contracted.
  34. Providing Lessor the right to evacuate the premises to preserve life, or property.
  35. Any matters not herein contained shall be at the discretion of the Convention Center Director.